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ITpoint spares you the cursing

Outsourcing IT operations is a risk worth taking. When everything is working as it should, there is more time for core operations and less need for cursing.

Executive Officer Ville Haapanen of Suomen Sillikonttori Oy knows what he’s talking about. Although herrings and information networks are not an immediate connection, IT issues are very important for their daily operations. According to Haapanen, most of their orders are placed electronically. Invoicing and delivery documents are also done via networks.

Suomen Sillikonttori Oy is a small Finnish business that makes and markets herring products under a name that originates in the 1930s but has been in use since 2015. Operating in the traditional Uusikaupunki fishing port, the company wanted a quick and reliable IT professional to meet the needs of their growing enterprise. This is where ITpoint and Suomen Sillikonttori crossed paths, and Haapanen hasn’t had to regret it:

Our partnership with ITpoint has been flawless. You can get a hold of your contact person almost at any time, and if not, they’ll call you back soon.

Remote connections guarantee a hassle-free move

Offering various herring recipes on their website, Suomen Sillikonttori moved their production from Kaarina to Uusikaupunki in the spring of 2017. Thanks to ITpoint, the network challenges related to the move were easily solved:

The move has meant that there is no point in ITpoint driving up to meet us for every little thing. We have managed to build remote connections that enable ITpoint to solve any issues quickly. The delivery and training in the use of devices has been quick and professional.

Each property has its own unique characteristics – this applies to information networks as well. A company and its personnel are really weighed when things take a turn for the worse. Suomen Sillikonttori gives ITpoint a perfect grade for their problem solving ability, as recalled by Haapanen, the Executive Officer of the leading herring processor in our country:

We had problems with the coverage of our internal network. ITpoint provided us with new base stations, and now everything works perfectly. Another challenge was to find a way to make it possible to access shared data in a secure manner when working at home or on the road. ITpoint came up with a solution, and now we can work anywhere we like.

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