Reliable data networks secure the expansion of a medical clinic

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The social and healthcare services offered in our country are undergoing a transformation. This transformation has caused reactions in Loimaa as well. While waiting for the state to issue broader guidelines, a private medical clinic offering healthcare services was established in Loimaa. The clinic, called Lääkäriasema Joutsen, has been in operation since late 2015, helping people in downtown Loimaa. Executive Officer Juha Arsalo emphasises the importance of IT issues and data protections in the handling of patient data:

Data communications solutions are the critical foundations for modern work with patients.

Joutsen had had some experiences with ITpoint previously, and the partnership with the company has been positively perceived in Loimaa. The range of services offered by ITpoint also includes assisting in acquisitions, and Loimaa was initially assisted in terms of building an infrastructure and with connections and physical devices:

The cooperation has been going very well. For example, ITpoint offered financing options for our young business to acquire devices, while at the same time helping us in choosing the correct data infrastructures to find a reliable solution.

Despite its recent establishment, the clinic which employs more than 30 persons has been growing and expanding steadily. Increasing numbers of patients and introducing new employees create pressure for the reliability and stability of networks. Arsalo thinks that ITpoint has been a valuable partner during this change:

ITpoint has been a critical resource for us at almost every stage related to the expansion of our company and the increasing number of services we provide. ITpoint provided important support in our dealings with the software provider when solving problems related to the maintenance of patient database connections.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of ITpoint

ITpoint has been profiling itself as a quick-acting and flexible operator. This has been visible in the business with Joutsen:

Device deliveries have usually been quick, and everything has arrived in packages that have been tailored to our needs. ITpoint has also been an independent and useful partner in finding various cost-effective print supplies and other necessary goods.

Joutsen’s operations depend on functional information network solutions. Executive Officer Arsalo says that ITpoint’s customer orientation is one of the cornerstones of successful cooperation. When all systems are in order, healthcare professionals can focus their resources on helping their patients:

ITpoint is a flexible and reliable partner who really seems to want to facilitate their client’s operations; push a button, enjoy summer.

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