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Would utilising remote connections make your personnel work better and easier? By means of the cloud service solutions offered by ITpoint you can access all of your data from all of your devices – whether you are at the office or out on the field. At the same time, a cloud service serves as a backup storage for important e-mails and other data.

ITpoint is an experienced provider of cloud services for the needs of diverse client companies. By making use of our expert assistance during commissioning, you can be sure that the selected system is the best to support your specific needs. In necessary, we will train your personnel in the process. ITpoint will also take care of the security of the commissioning and use of the services.

The most typical cloud services we offer are Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. We will choose the best system by mapping the client’s needs and circumstances. ITpoint will help you tailor the most suitable service package for your business, including the best configurations and custom modifications. All solutions are case-specific, but the end result is always device-independence and easier everyday operations.

Microsoft 365 cloud service

The Microsoft 365 cloud service will reinforce the usability and stability of the communication tools used in your company. Office 365 is a popular choice because it includes all of the familiar desktop software. In addition to Office tools, the package also includes several new browser-based properties. These include the possibility to share, comment on, and edit documents on mobile devices as well as other devices, and Skype for Business for your meeting needs.

As a client of ITpoint you can focus on enjoying the benefits of the service itself. Office 365 is an ever developing service, but ITpoint will take all responsibility for keeping it up to date and making sure all the latest properties are available to you.

Microsoft Azure cloud service

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud server room service, offering various tools for the development of the IT infrastructure of your enterprise. It will allow you to implement IT services either as a complete externalised cloud service or as a hybrid model, combining cloud services with local IT infrastructure. Just like Office 365, Azure is a cost-effective solution. You will only pay for what you need.

Microsoft Azure includes plenty of properties for your business needs. These include streamlined strong authentications, IDM/IAN solutions, automations, VDI solutions, and password resets. With Azure, you can run your infrastructure such as Windows servers; manage your employee and other user identities in network services by using Azure AD; store an unlimited amount of data in several formats; or use it as a part of you own server room – with the cloud offering additional storage capacities.

ITpoint will assist you at all stages of your cloud transition. You can find more information about our earlier cloud service commissions in our client references.

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