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Improved time management with a Microsoft 365 software package.

Founded in the year 2007, Hissitohtorit Oy provides expert services for elevator systems based on decades of experience. The founding idea of the company service operations is to save client companies’ time when it comes to works related to elevators. But in order to able to offer time, one must have time. Functional data systems are of primary importance for the daily operations of Hissitohtorit Oy, and any time spent on dealing with IT problems is time not spent on core operations. The solution for Hissitohtorit Oy was to externalise and centralise responsibilities. Among other services, the Microsoft Office 365 software package was selected to improve the efficiency of time use.

For ITpoint, each client is in a unique situation. The selected services are always dependent on the client’s needs. Hissitohtorit Oy found ITpoint Oy via recommendations. The parties met, discussed the relevant issues, and entrepreneur Jari Villanen says that they haven’t had to regret their decision:

Our IT operations are dispersed. We wanted a single operator to handle all of them in a centralised manner. We were looking for easiness, and ITpoint has been an easy partner.

Office 365 to help with communications and data security

ITpoint applied their established procedure with Hissitohtorit Oy, starting with a mapping of the client’s situation. ITpoint determined that the most essential services offered to Hissitohtorit Oy were a data network, remote connections, and the Office 365 service. The personnel of Hissitohtorit Oy, who are on the move a lot due to the nature of their work tasks, especially wanted the opportunity to make use of remote connections. By means of the package offered by ITpoint Hissitohtorit Oy can use a mobile connection to access their data and contracts even outside of the office – in places such as the home or an elevator chute. Due to the Office 365 package, determined to be the most cost-effective solution, the calendar and e-mails can also be read via the telephone.

Not only do the selected services make communications and database accessing easier, they are also a more secure solution. The e-mails of Hissitohtorit Oy were not backed up sufficiently well in the past, but this was rectified as ITpoint created an Office 365 account for the company. The old e-mails were moved over into the new service, and now all data is securely stored on a cloud server. ITpoint implemented these solutions over the weekend, thereby not disturbing the operations of their client company. They had earlier carried out a similar commission for Palin Granit Oy.

ITpoint has been able to meet the needs of Hissitohtorit Oy

The partnership between the two companies has been ongoing since the spring of 2016. According to Villanen, the services provided by ITpoint have been flexible and able to solve the original challenges presented by the distributed operations. In addition to providing a network, remote connections, and the Office 365 package, ITpoint is also responsible for Hissitohtorit Oy’s virus protection, 24-hour data security monitoring, and resolving problem situations. Thanks to the centralised IT services, Hissitohtorit Oy can direct their time resources towards their own clients:

We have always been able to get in touch with ITpoint whenever we have needed something, and if there has ever been an IT problem, these have been resolved conveniently via remote access. We can focus on our own elevator operations as ITpoint is there to take care of our IT issues as needed.

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