Stability of networks at a holiday destination

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Kultaranta network is in safe hands

The core of all businesses operating today is somehow tied in with nets. For fishers this is a very concrete insight, but even more metaphorical functional networks are equally vital for companies, as Operations Officer Valtteri Uotinen of the Kultaranta Resort Oy, providing recreational and travelling services, reminds us:

Our core operations consist of accommodation, meeting, and restaurant services, as well as golf. All of the systems related to our service processes operate on-line, so the stability of networks and devices is very important.

ITpoint is aware that efficient and productive server or system solutions are no good if the network isn’t working properly. The company cooperates constantly with different network operators to make sure that clients don’t have to wrestle with their problems for too long. ITpoint’s target is a response time of 15 minutes, which is a very short time indeed when it comes to severe network failures. Kultaranta have had their share of network troubles and they have also benefited from ITpoint’s expert help:

At the start of our cooperation the greatest challenge was the unstable operation and failures of our local network. Getting it to work properly was indispensable early on. For this we can thank the flexible and cost-effective ITpoint.

Kultaranta Resort is a small to medium size business based in Naantali that welcomes an agile and flexible IT partner in their everyday operations. According to Uotinen, cooperation with ITpoint was initialised in the traditional way via a familiar contact:

We ended up working together with ITpoint due to a recommendation by someone we knew. The partnership has been mostly flexible. Service and product provisions have been taking place reliably and without trouble.

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