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We can provide you with all data communication channels you need, ranging from private connections to national corporate networks. We will support you in the building and expansion of local networks and guide you in commissioning. We are available whenever changes are made to your network or if there should ever be a problem. We monitor the functionality of networks and take care of preventing vulnerabilities.

We cooperate constantly with large network operators. In problem situations we will get in touch with the operator and take care of network repairs and service works. You do not need to worry about operators – we will do it for you.

Functional networks are of primary importance for companies. Our operations in the network sector are defined by network maintenance and faultless functionality. Our goal is to respond within 15 minutes.

Network stability = satisfied clients

We will map the needs of your business in detail and tailor the response time exactly according to your needs. We offer you the most suitable solution and ensure that all systems are functional before commissioning. If necessary, we will provide you with accurate data about the functionality of your network over a time frame of your choosing.

The quality and stability of our connections are top level. The functionality of our networks is one of the most important gauges we use to measure customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to ensure the stability of our networks. We will respect your wishes and act as a flexible partner. Customer satisfaction at ITpoint is at a high level.

Here at ITpoint we make sure to keep up with the development of cloud services and try to offer our clients the best and most secure network solutions for the right price.

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